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Created in 2002 by the Breton Regional Council (France), M@rsouin is both an observatory of digital practices and a network of 15 research centres. This structure is built on Social Science research centers workforces and aims at developing cooperation with firstly regional, but also national and European research centers, public institutions and firms.

Marsouin is the French participant in the World Internet Project.
More precisely, it is expected to:

  • conduct studies and surveys to help better understanding of how digital practices of individuals and organization contribute to the transformation of society and economy;
  • foster research in Social Science on digital practices;
  • engage a prospective reflection on the Information Society, in order to assist the political institutions in the construction of public policies favoring the emergence of good practices
    and the access to these services for all the citizens.

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The expertise of M@rsouin

60 researchers in 4 universities and 3 schools

Gathers Breton laboratories sharing two common features:

The study of Internet « usages » and Human and Social Sciences expertise

4 main fields of research


How digital technologies contribute to and transform new forms of learning.

Social interaction

New technologies enable the creation of new sociability, new sharing processes, new information and knowledge production, new media.

Public area

How can new digital technologies help public policy makers decide and citizen control.


Economic impact of digital technologies, e-commerce development, network economics.

Diversity of expertise, methodology and knowledge

An observatory (OPSIS), an experimental laboratory on human factors (LOUSTIC) and multidisciplinary research groups (Economics, Communication studies, Social Cognitive Psychology, Education Science, Management Science, Political Science, Ergonomy, Sociology) able to:

  • Conduct research programs
  • Evaluate public policies
  • Collaborate with business in a user-oriented conception process

M@rsouin is able to coordinate and integrate various approaches :

  • User centric research process
    Observation in real, context-specific situations,
    tests in laboratory,
    target users as regard to issues and needs addressed.
  • Ability to bring expertise’s at each stage of the conception process.


Couples academic resarch topics and surveys to produce original and meaningful analysis.

Building questionnaires, sampling, through quotas to guarantee representativeness.
Rigorous and up to date sampling in depth questionnaires.

pre-test, pilot studies, users needs,

cleaning database, statistical analysis (cross and frequency tab) specific treatment, multivariate analysis (typology, factorial analysis), econometrics.


Usages tested in real context
LOUSTIC has three areas / platforms to optimize the creation of
innovative technological products.
and to allow for:

  • The development of methods of observation
  • Collecting and analyzing data
  • The design of models and prototypes
  • The recommendations for product improvement.

The different dimensions of acceptability are analyzed along four dimensions:

Individual: usefulness, usability, preferences,

Social : beliefs, values, cultural brands

Economic: costs and market analysis

Legal: analysis of interactions between law
and practice

Presentation of the M@rsouin Network (PDF - 364.2 kb)
Presentation of the M@rsouin Network

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