Detailed presentation of the MAC project: the use of mobile phones in a professional context. 2005 M@rsouin project.

, by Annie Blandin-Obernesser

Based on a bi-disciplinary approach (sociology and law), the project aims at studying the uses of mobile phone in a professional context (among the executives) and in a familial context (relations between the generations) in order to determine how the new dialectic of autonomy and control is linked up and to identify the juridical evolutions required.

Consequences in terms of theoretical research.

Implementation of a method combining a sociological and a juridical approach.

 Define a situation in which it is possible to analyze the new dialectic of autonomy and control in a context where the work and the evolution within the family is changing ;

 Take part in at least one conference and write a collective work.

Consequences in terms of applied sciences.

 Identify the models of autonomy and control from the communication modes

 Identify the uses requiring the implementation of new services

 Anticipate/propose solutions about the juridical aspects

Project organization.

3 sub-projects (See detailed article)

Bibliography, state of art.

The works will be based, in addition to those of the authors mentionned in the bibliography, on the personal works made by the members of the team.

As for sociology, the works made by Catherine Lejealle concerning the following will mainly be used:

 scenarii of adoption of mobile phone by French senior executives in their professional and private lives: is the mobile phone a vector of freedom or alienation ? Which exogenic and endogenic constraints influence the adoption scenarii of the NICT ?

 are mobile phones, text messages and emails the new tools used in the sociology of love relationships in order to be together free ?

 synthetic bibliographic research on the sociology of loving relationships and couples, in the sociology of innovation and in sociability networks.

In the domain of law, the topics dealt with in the ENST Bretagne, within the IODE and the UBS, are about:

 fondamental rights, in particular the protection of the personal data and the private life in the context of the ICT,

 family rights, in particular a survey on the relations between grand-parents and grand-children,

 labor rights and ICT (Annie Blandin’s works on the juridical status of the computer and the employees’ data and Gilles Dedessus Le Moustier’s works about home-based work).

Indicative bibliography.