Research seminar about the concept of “ICT object”. Project Presentation.

, by Annabelle Boutet-Diéye, Christèle Dondeyne, Christine Chauvin-Blottiaux, Nicolas Jullien, Pascal Plantard

During previous projects and collaborations carried out by our different research teams, we have identified the polysemy of the concept of objects and the existence of connections that should be made between previous studies and current research on the issue of ICT dispersion and its impact on the social network.

At first, our project aims to build a common basis of understanding of this polysemy. Thus, it is based upon a shared bibliographical and theoretical work. It will especially deal with the definition of the complex relationships between concrete objects and theoretical objects which meet up without merging in ICT investigations.

Sub-project 1: A knowledge basis.

Sub-project Objectives. Creation of a pluridisciplinary knowledge basis in the field of Human and Social Sciences on the treatment of objects.

It concerns the placement at researchers and students’ disposal of a knowledge basis which comprises the main references within our respective fields of competencies and in disciplines that are not part of M@rsouin, but that have strong implications in the domain (for instance, history, anthropology, and psychoanalysis).

This knowledge basis will consist of both the creation of a physical library containing the main references and a database regularly updated by the project team.

This knowledge basis will be also fed by critical cross analyses carried out by the researchers.

Detailed realizations and milestones.

 Shared literature review on the concept of object through each discipline of Human and Social Sciences.

 Discussion and critical analysis of references (cf. seminar: sub(-project 2).

 Creation of the bibliographical library by purchase and collection of the main references identified.

Sub-project 2: Research seminar.

Sub-project objectives.

It will consist essentially of reading or rereading studies on the concept of object and will be shared in the context of regular open seminars.

These seminars, at the rate of 8 a year, will promote cross comments on the books and research papers selected in relation to their conceptual or empirical relevance in the different fields of Human and Social Sciences. Research members of M@rsouin and researchers not involved in this research network, but from disciplines or research fields that could favour controversy and a common enrichment of the team, will be invited to participate. Participation will be determined in relation with the program established by the project team. Particular attention will be given to students (Master; PhD) and research students.

Detailed realizations and milestones.

We plan a program of 8 seminars in the course of the year.

Sub-project 3: Valuations.

Two milestones are already planned:

 Organisation of a workshop during M@rsouin annual seminar in 2008 in order to present the research carried out during the year.

 A presentation of the carried out research will be also made in front of the members of Image and network pole.

The final objective is the realization of a collective book which will reflect the orientations of the project team.