"What are you printing ? Ambivalent emancipation by 3D printing"

Camille Bosqué, du laboratoire APP (Rennes 2) et de l’Ensci-Les Ateliers publie un nouvel article sur les Fablab dans le Rapid Prototyping Journal.

Abstract :
The purposes of this paper are to study how entry-level 3D printers are currently being used in several shared machine shops (FabLabs, hackerspaces, etc.) and to examine the ambivalent emancipation often offered by 3D printing, when users prefer the fascinated passivity of replicating rather than the action of repairing. Based on a field study and on a large online survey, this paper offers to examine different practices with entry-level 3D printers, observed in several shared machine shops (FabLabs, hackerspaces, etc.). The recent evolution of additive manufacturing and the shift from high-end additive technologies to consumer’s entry-level 3D printing is taken as an entry point. Indeed, digital fabrication has recently received extensive media coverage and the maker movement has become a trendy subject for numerous influential publications. In the makerspaces that were taken for this field survey, 3D printers were very often used for demonstration, provoking fascination and encouraging a passive attitude.

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Références de l’article
Bosqué, C. (2015) « What are you printing ? Ambivalent emancipation by 3D printing », Rapid Prototyping Journal, Entry Level Additive Manufacturing, The Next Frontier