[Appel à communciations] Workshop sur l’économie collaborative

, par Claire de Bellefon

La 8e conférence internationale sur les communautés et les technologies (8th International Conference on Communities and Technologies) se tiendra à l’Université de Technologie de Troyes du 26 au 30 juin 2017. Dans ce cadre se tiendra un workshop sur l’économie collaborative, pour lequel est lancé un appel à communications.

Dates importantes :
· Jusqu’au 24 April 2017 – soumission des papiers

· 28 April 2017 – décision

· Jusqu’au 5 May 2017 – pré-inscriptions

· 26 June 2017 – workshop

Extrait de l’appel à communciations :
"This workshop is organised in conjunction with the Communities and Technologies 2017 conference.

Digital platforms, often labeled as part of the “sharing economy”, are becoming increasingly relevant to both the daily lives of private individuals, and to researchers. As these tools are transforming various communities (of interest, place, practice and circumstance) to establish new forms of connection, welfare, labour and service, there emerge fundamental questions around the perils of creation and use. In response to this disruptive trend, this workshop brings together perspectives and cases from researchers and practitioners across various disciplines to interrogate how different form of collaborative economy might be imagined and created based on the ethics and logic of care as an answer to these perils.

This workshop will serve as an open and active forum for participants of up to 20 practitioners, designers, and researchers involved in related fields. We welcome all methodological, practical, and speculative approaches to considering the relations between sharing, caring and collaborative economy. Key topics of interest include, but are not limited to :

Platform cooperativism ;
Environmental sustainability and ecological concerns ;
(such as Ethnography after Human Exceptionalism, Hacker Farm and Food Connect)
Peer-to-peer learning and production (such as Mothership Hackermoms, Coder Dojo and Free Software) ;
Citizen science (e.g. Quantum Moves) ;
Related social, political, cultural, and health domains and implications (including issues around rising precarity, homelessness, self-care and mutual aid) ;
Initiatives calling for digital social innovation and design for change (such as CAPS projects, the DESIS network or the Enabling the Future network) ;
Digital currencies and finance, (e.g. Freecoin).

The workshop has the following goals :

  • To create a space for discussion about new and ongoing work in the field, and open up debates about the direction of research and practice across diverse fields related to collaborative economy.
  • To bring together researchers and practitioners in related fields to identify current challenges around the sharing economy and reflect critically on what could be done to resist these trends.
  • To discuss existing cases or examples of communities, technologies, and practices directed at facilitating a sharing caring economy.
  • To reflect critically on questions involved in the design of technologies with and for care, to build more just and livable futures.

As a follow up to the workshop, we aim to produce an edited publication (journal special issue), to which participants will be invited to submit a full paper. Discussions have begun with CoDesign : International Journal of CoCreation in Design and the Arts.


We will include a maximum of 20 participants. Interested participants
should submit 800 word position papers to the organisers, outlining the
following :

· Your current research and/or practice, including any existing
work in this area, from old sharing and caring traditions to explorations
of the potential futures of this domain ;

· A brief biography of each contributor ; and

· What you would like to gain from/bring to the workshop.

Participants will be selected to ensure overall disciplinary and
geo-cultural diversity.

The position papers will be sent as PDFs via email toPeter
before 5pm GMT on 24 April 2017.

The authors accepted for the workshop will be notified on the 28th of April

Voir en ligne : Site du workshop