[Appel à communication] Data Power 2017 Carleton University, School of Journalism and Communication // 22 et 23 juin 2017

, par Claire de Bellefon

L’université de Carleton (Canada) lance un appel à communication pour son séminaire "Data Power 2017" des 22 et 23 juin 2017. Les propositions d’articles sont à envoyer pour le 25 janvier 2017. Toutes les informations sont disponibles en cliquant ici.

Extrait de l’appel à communication : "Increasingly pervasive in our daily lives, data are constituted through converging technologies and practices such as the internet of things, smart cities, drones and precision agriculture ; global finance, credit scoring and data brokerage firms ; surveillance, predictive policing and customer relation management systems, to name a few. Data are also generated by and flow through applications, software, platforms, and infrastructures that reshape how we play, work, eat, socialise, see ourselves, and know the world. In an era of data power, data have become agentic, especially when input into black-boxed algorithms and systems whose outputs are used to profile and sort us, influence the political economy, and for purposes for which no consent was given. Is this a ’fait accompli’ ?

To answer this question, the Data Power 2017 conference asks : How can we reclaim some form of data-based power and autonomy, and advance data-based technological citizenship, while living in regimes of data power ? Is it possible to regain agency and mobilize data for the common good ? To do so, which theories help to interrogate and make sense of the operations of data power ? What kind of design frameworks are needed to build and deploy data-based technologies with values and ethics that are equitable and fair ? How can big data be mobilized to improve how we live, beyond notions of efficiency and innovation ?"

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