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Ambidextrous and management compromise exploration / exploitation universe of services

The case of a rental car

Wednesday 18 February 2009 , by Olivier Mével, Yvan Leray

This article focuses on a managerial problem applied (service management, car rental) on the voltage of the organization around the difficult compromises exploration/exploitation. The dilemma exploration / exploitation demands and stresses related needs, first, to the intensive use of inputs and expertise from the competitive advantages gained and, secondly, the need for the company maintain a logical and exploratory creative on new fields.

Keywords: asynchronous ambidextrous, variety information, organizational flexibility, knowledge, skills, compromise exploration / exploitation

Based on the analysis of organizational innovation related to the implementation of a rental car agency, it appears that:

-  Organizational learning is the result of a sequential approach of ambidextrous : an exploration phase followed by a phase of operation,

-  The ambidextrous, the meaning of the formation of a necessary balance between the moments of exploration and exploitation, is only a transitional phase.

This article is therefore based on an analysis of cases of type monograph in the field of car rentals (tourisms and utilities). The first part of the work emerges from the conceptual references to the production of services through the emergence of an organizational model of the service but also the mapping of respiration management which is then organized around the compromise. The second part reports on management of a state of tension of the compromise exploration/exploitation universe of services by the case of a rental car. This empirical part foreshadows the existence of different strains of the sequential structure related to the production of service dependent moments of compromise. It thus appears that, universe of services, the deformation of the structure reflecting a dichotomous ambidextrous and asynchronous.

View online : http://ssrn.com/abstract=1345725


View online : http://ssrn.com/abstract=1345725

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Wednesday 18 February 2009


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